The Kidneys / creation vessels of health

The kidneys are seen as crucially important to health in Traditional Chinese Medicien TCM. Cleansing the kidneys with energy excercises and simple practices will redouble your energy and life flow. SEE the video below…

Strong or Weak Kidneys

Weak Kidneys make you cold, tired, susceptible to illness, pale, fearful. Strong Kidneys lead to vitality, bodily warmth, warm hands, haleness and heartiness, courage, and wisdom. The Kidneys are also thought to feed and strengthen all the other internal organs. With weakened Kidneys, or Kidneys emptied of Qi through illness, lifestyle factors, or overexertion all other organs suffer, as does your health.
Strengthening the Kidneys is always good to do, and the whole body/mind benefits.

Psoas Muscle Lengthening

The hip joint has two main parts. The ball and the socket.  The ball rotates within the pelvic hip socket. The ball of the hip is also called the “head” or cap of the femur (femur = thigh bone).

The head of the femur is supported by the angled “neck” which joins to the long vertical body of the femur (thigh bone). At the base of the femoral neck is a boney protrusion. There are two very large muscles which converge into a single attachment to this protrusion.

New health Practice:


Warm a glass of spring water until hot.  Drink minimum of 2 glasses per day.

Anterior Hip Muscles
Image via Wikipedia

This cleanses the internal system, liver and kidneys.

Chi Gung for Kidney health

I have known for years about the two hour blocks each related to an internal organ and meridian channel. For instance 3-5am is the lung channel, and 5-7pm is the kidney channel.


ready to flow

Slant Fly position for Kidney stimulation

The defence application of Slant Fly… for those of you who ask me about this aspect of Tai Chi…

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