Pagoda Wing Chun Equipment
Wing Chun Equipment


Superior Wooden Dummies

Our Wooden Dummies
Pagoda has earned its reputation for supplying the most authentic Wing Chun equipment available.
Our Training Weapons
Our equipment is engineered with a passion, and every single product we sell is made exclusively for us in our own workshops, and bears the hallmarks of a true piece of craftsmanship.
Why Pagoda Imports?
PAGODA first started back in 1995 with one very simple goal, to produce the finest quality handcrafted Wing Chun equipment available while keeping prices realistic.

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What People Think of Pagoda-Imports
Head Instructor for Shark Tank NHB, Integrated Eskrima: Kalis IIustrisimo under Guro Mark Wiley, Integrated Knife Fighting and Warrior Fighting Fitness also the Wing Chun Technical Editor for Martial Arts Illustrated magazine. “Alan Orr says “The best dummies and poles on the market, The products are top quality plus Pagoda listen to the practitioners of the art.””
Alan Orr Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun Association

A Certified representative of Lun Gai in “Yip Man Foshan Wing Chun” and Vu Ba Qui Vietnamese Wing Chun, Mark also teaches Mixed Martial Arts and Jiu-Jitsu to his professional MMA fight team KFA, he also promotes his MMA show “Fusion Fighting Championship” and is the owner of Pagoda Wing Chun Store. “Mark Hobbs says “Pagoda is about Martial artists supplying the Martial Art community. Because of this fact Pagoda only sells quality equipment that I get exited about, so at Pagoda the aim is to provide you the best quality products on the market at the best prices.”
Mark Hobbs Team KFA Kinetics Fight Academy


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