Don’t loose your Chi

Its an Autumn Wedding

When it comes to weddings I understand that you don’t always feel the love. Hey you have tons and tons of things that you have to do, and no matter how early you started planning nothing seems to go as planned. The thing that most brides hate about their wedding is that they feel like they didn’t get to enjoy it. The ups and downs of the planning and execution process can make a person go insane. Most of my clients get to me and are completely flustered by the ends and outs of wedding gate two thousand and blank. I always tell them to breath, relax and enjoy this, because you only get married once. Here are somethings that can help you relax.


Exercise :

This is so important not only does it help you look Fab in your gown but it helps you focus and release stress. Try…

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New Music: WhoIsChi “3Hunna”

35th & ADDISON

It seems that the whole Chi is goin in on “3Hunna” right now. Up-and-coming emcee WhoIsChi (@TheReal_CHI) is the latest to go in over the hard-hitting Chief Keef beat, giving the West Side much love on this track. Listen and download at the bottom.

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A Conversation With My Acupuncturist (Yes, You Heard Me Correctly)

I’ve been suffering long enough with migraine headaches and neck pain, and after a discussion with my husband’s cousin Angela over dinner, as well as the stories I’ve heard from other migraine and pain sufferers, I finally decided to try something new to try to heal me. I made an appointment with an acupuncturist.

Now, there are two things incredibly noteworthy about this decision:

#1—I am not an adventurous person, and I’ve never tried a holistic treatment for a headache except for icing my head during my migraines.

#2—I am a chicken—one of the biggest you’ll ever meet—and the idea of needles is not something that gets me excited, like say, having a deep tissue massage.

What’s remarkable is that I am sitting here tonight, after experiencing my second treatment, and I have five words to say:


I have no neck pain. I have no…

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The Universality of the I Ching

Life Is Medicine

  • How is it that the I Ching is useful in any context?
  • How can it possibly be relevant no matter what the subject category?
  • How does it work?

In order to answer these questions, we need to understand how the I Ching system is structured and how its information becomes available to the human mind. How can a philosophical system created by one human mind lead another human mind to understand the forces acting in that person’s life, forces of which the individual is otherwise unaware? How does such knowledge become available to human conscious awareness?

There are a number of primary principles that are present in the I Ching that enable it to satisfy the above. The I Ching is based on a hierarchal binary cosmology that contains no mythology or creation tales. It is a philosophy of creation from Unity to Duality to increasing binary subdivisions, following a…

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Day 13 — Energy Medicine

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Tai Chi and Qigong (Chi Kung) Bring Together the Mind and Body operation

What is Qigong

The energy of the positive mind can heal many of disease and disabilities. An affirmative mind can help combine and hasten health. Tai Chi and Qigong (Chi Kung) bring together the mind and body operation. It leads the internal power in the body and the internal energy directs the action that is produced. Once training how to do Tai Chi and Qigong, a person focuses on the harmonization and pays attention to the motion of the body. Through mental practice, Tai Chi and Qigong create more mind clearness, lifts up the emotions and develops correct relaxation.

Through the slow and gentle movements of doing Tai Chi and Qigong, it allows the opening of channels, keeping them supple and sturdy. It keeps the muscle’s fit for recurring performance. If you are a person who desires Chi (Qi) to exude within the body and be more improved, Tai Chi and Qigong is…

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Slow Food, POD Food: Kids’ Diets and Learning

Kids’ Diets and Learning

Slow Food, POD Food: Kids’ Diets and Learning
May 6, 2012

Kids’ Diets and Learning

By , Guide

NGS forenote – Nick Garrett

As a good food advocate I believe getting healthy food and water into yr kids is a huge advantage for health, and learning.

POD good food outlets in London have some great health snacks for all ages and tasty salad wraps which are irresistible… getting kids hooked on great flavours dash quality grub is what it’s all about… read on..

Sleeping studentSkipping breakfast may mean falling asleep in class.
Research indicates that children who regularly eat breakfast have better standardized test scores, better behavior, and were less hyperactive than children who skipped breakfast. When comparing low glycemic index (GI) breakfasts to high GI breakfasts eaten by 9- to 12-year-old children, research also shows that children who eat high GI breakfasts (sugary breakfasts) tend to eat more at lunch.What makes a good breakfast for children? An egg, a slice of whole grain toast with nut butter, a piece of fruit and a glass of low-fat milk is one example of a good breakfast. Tofu, lean meat and whole grain cereals are also good choices at breakfast. The protein and fiber from the whole grains will keep your child satisfied until lunch time.Try to avoid giving your child sugary breakfast cereals, white-flour pancakes and syrup — all of which will leave your child hungry and tired half way through the morning. If your child tends to get hungry in the middle of the morning no matter what, send an apple, whole grain crackers, nuts and cheese snacks rather than sugary cookies or white-flour crackers. 

Most schools try to provide nutritious lunches for children, but it’s expensive and kids don’t always want to eat the healthier foods. Many schools offer fast food, greasy pizzas, French fries and other poor-quality foods alongside the usual lunch selections.

One high school in Appleton, Wisconsin replaced their regular poor-quality school lunches with healthy fresh foods at lunch with water as the main beverage. The changes resulted in improved behavior from the students and zero truancies.

Teach your kids the importance of eating nutritious foods at lunchtime. Hopefully with your help they will choose healthier salads and vegetables instead of French fries, and water instead of soda. Another option is to send lunch with your kids. Hearty soups, salads, fruits, and sandwiches with whole grains can all be packed in insulated containers to stay hot or cold.

Even with a balanced breakfast and healthy lunch, a light after-school snack is nice to refuel a kid’s body before play or study time. A handful of nuts and an apple is perfect, or maybe a snack tray of vegetables and dips. Even a healthy version of a PB & J will satisfy picky kids. Keep chips, sugary sodas, pastries and candy out of the house. As the Oxford study shows, sugary and high glycemic index foods just make kids hungrier.

Children who eat healthy foods may continue to make better food and nutrition choices when they grow up, while overweight children tend to continue their eating habits and become overweight adults.

Teach your children about healthy foods. Here are some tips to help:

  • Read over the different food pyramids and ask your kids to pick out some favorite foods from each food group.
  • Have them help you plan a meal that includes a healthy serving of protein, a vegetable or two, and a healthy fruit for dessert.
  • For young kids, make a chart to keep track of all the fruits and vegetables they eat (we need at least five servings of fruits and veggies every day).
  • Snack time can be more fun if you try different recipes and snack ideas together with your kids.

Teaching your children to how to have a healthy diet will have a bigger impact if you set the example. Eat right, get some exercise, and make a healthy lifestyle a family affair.

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