LIVE NOW Carpe Diem: how to do it – Body position layers

P yin yang

Firstly Chi Gung is all about controlling body position, breathing, and good daily intake.

We will start with adding each day new Layers and new practices.

How to do it – layer 1 

Simple, at the desk or standing posture practice

Say or contemplate a few words about peace.

The 2 major points for Posture and improved energy flow are:

1  the crown – cervical, dorsal-thoracic and lumbar spine alignment

2  the feet – containing energy

The crown must be elevated… whether seated or standing imagine the crown is rising upwards … elevated by power or suspended by a chord.

The feet.  The feet direct us.  Our energy leaks when our feet point outwards this also stresses the knees, lower back and hips.

Make the big toes parallel and maintain feet apart the width just inside shoulder width and ski line parallel.  Under the desk, table standing walking or on the packed train. Shins vertical.

These 2 simple positions will change the way you feel and live around the work station and will actually minimise evening fatigue.

Try it and let me know how this feels and notice how your sexual appetite becomes either improved or balanced.

Thoughts will become clearer – dreams too.

The Mindset

There is positive and negative – or is there?

We have constructed this concept and for example Yin Yang, rights wrongs etc., in order to help describe and organise our lives.

It works quite well externally.

On the inside however we have our deeper memories and emotions to live with. Often later in life they surface in anxiety dreams and stressful habits – and colour our lives with a sense of fear of change.

 a temporary state…

A useful mindset is to visualise the filling and emptying cycles such as tipping out water from a cup – a simple visualisation tool which helps release emotional stress.

For example Tai Chi is practiced when our energy is relatively clear, in the early morning.  As the day continues the world starts to make demands on us.

At critical moments we need empty (the cup) in order to stay calm.

The Layer 2 mindset is to visualise when and how to empty the cup.

Self knowledge rises up to help you through the tasks of the day…

You can visualise this.

Practice this for a few minutes each day and reflect on how you feel…

how to action it – to do it – layer 3

1. Relax the neck and Shoulders

Lower the shoulders.

Raised shoulders packs in the stress around the neck and brain stem…

Lower the shoulders and relax the ribs.

Minimise rib cage inhalation and exhalation – use the lower stomach instead.

Raised ribs activate adrenal glands… feeding fight or flight adrenaline into the system constantly.  This is useful in drama situations but creates crude energy rather like sugar, which weakens us throughout the day… that is why you grab a coffee every hour… or a coke… or sugar fix…

What energy fix~crutch gets you through the day?

What you need is the refining of your pure energy or chi. Read over Layers 1 and 2 again …

how to do it – layer 4

Pause between inhalation and exhalation and inhalation…

Why so?

To create space… space is time… balance, calm and control

It starts in small measures.

how to do it – layer 5

Standing stance / becoming comfortable… feet shoulder width apart ; see layer 1

relax the knees off lock

lower shoulders

breathe with the stomach gently: breath rolls down, pauses… rolls out, pauses… etc

feel the detail of the breath

Option: in a quieted place


… play the arms slowly, softly, like the softest clouds> gently rising, floating, sinking… pause… rising… floating… sinking…

Then play them in large floating circles in front of body

Arms relaxed

fingers relaxed

‘breath with the palms and feet’  :>)

An elderly man and a child perform tai chi tog...

Layer 7

Practice 10 minutes and roll the breath slower

be aware of tensions…

Release tensions with the breath.

Concentrate finding the centre of the breath

The gentle powerful core

The gentle breeze

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