About Breathing Meditation Qigong… Calm Power – it’s for Life

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About Qigong… Calm Power – it’s for Life

Qigong Chi is a gentle health building energy movement based on gentle standing postures rather like Tai Chi.  An ancient relaxation method that works perfectly in our busy modern world.

Stream of life

You will learn.

  • Breathing – Relaxation breath – De-stress Breath  
  • Power (rejuvenating) Breathing
  • Detox Breathing

Energy migrates. It creates… creation (singing, dancing, painting)  is often the most enjoyable positive change.

I will be listing 2013 courses shortly… see you here soon.


The Mountain is inspirational – come and enjoy it

Our excursion day starts by tasting pure mountain spring water…

and your body says thank you

Above:  The rise toward Passo della Cisa, Emilia Romagna Tuscany border.  The site of our Qigong experience treks.


About the Mountain Chi energy day with FWT

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