Day 13 — Energy Medicine

by Alexandra Goldman

Have you ever heard of a Chi Machine? It’s a device that you rest your ankles in, and it rocks them back and forth in pace with your body’s natural rhythm, supposedly uplifting your entire energy system.  The makers of this machine tout it as having all sorts of health benefits and anti-aging effects.  I tried it once — I felt more awake!

Many of you know I’ve recently begun to belly dance. And one of the most basic belly dance steps is a shimmy; there are many different kinds of shimmies, but the most basic is to simply stand and jiggle your knees back and forth.

And one day I realized that shimmying is just the same as using the Chi Machine, except standing up! And I realized a shimmy is one’s own portable lymphatic system activator, blood oxygenator, and anti-aging chi enhancer!

And then it dawned on me…

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