Meltdown… Where to from here? Catastrophe holds our world

Where to from here?

Yesterday I spoke to several students about the incredible events devastating the lives of so many in Japan at this moment.

What can we do to change the world we live in?

This was the common theme of dismay and question yesterday.

I think firstly we must pray for those who have lost so much and for those who battle on the ground this nuclear catastrophe.

In whatever way we choose.

After this begins the process of believing; collective groups can effect change and amalgamate with others in order to form and initiate what may become the igniting of the Western World rethink.

We can watch those who are motivated solely by power and greed to allow this or another nuclear meltdown to contaminate our children and the planet.

If we do so… we sign a death sentence.  Because one day this will happen again and again until we cannot survive on this planet.

Right now it could be that this exposed nuclear fuel is enough to kill all of us many times over.

It is a terrifying reality that we all face now.

We are living in the jaws of hell… and we need to take courage and enact change.

It is insane that Japan built nuclear facilities on major fault lines.

This hubris is as inevitable as it was avoidable.

We must fight this in the most intelligent, informed, organised and forceful way… for our children’s sakes. In whatever way we choose.

Praying that it is not already too late for many or all of us.

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