… we have gotten into the habit of not giving ourselves enough time…

Resisting change is a defence mechanism based on deeper anxieties, insecurities and even self distrust… these are all normal emotions and feelings.  They are useful in situations that are actually uncommon in today’s world because they were developed by us in order to survive the world when it was far more primal.

For example we hold on to habits, regimes and rites rather than evolve them. When for example, we say we haven’t got time to do this or that… no matter how good it might be for us, we are entering our dilemma based selves that resists change.

We say we haven’t time and we feel strangely alive, in control but mildly embarrassed… because beneath the surface veneer we know it is untrue.  We know we have time… we came reorganise our time… and of course it is very possible.

What is missing is the connection to our core central self that gives us the courage and clarity to recognise priorities and our own nature.  And the understanding that change is necessary in maintaining the benevolent, nourishing areas and practices of and in our lives as we awaken to them.

By recognising our own character we fortify it by default… which engages empowerment and the will to make positive of the non productive habits we all form as protective layers and comfort zones… even if they stall, harm or ultimately threaten us.

Like me writing this article…

I now must go, but please re-read this article as it is intended. An imprint in your memory for consideration on the train to work tomorrow for example. The rest is up to you and the worlds you and we all share.

That is why you are important.


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