Meditation Visualisations for high performance

Tuning down stress and workday distractions is key to optimising hours at work.

We can tune the mind to govern the processes more effectively in the short term and the turnkey is active visualisation tools and theta cleaning!

The mind builds up clutter and grey particles which most athletes are trained to constantly clear away.

In lean business it is essential to adopt that same technique and make way for sustained, repeatable higher performance.

It starts and ends in not only the head but also the heart.

Chi Gung incorporates several mental strategies that make this happen instantly by positive mechanics.

5 points to consider as key meditations:

1.  strengthening my lifeway

2.  warmth

3.  clean page

4.  my powerbase

5.  flexibility

These 5 points are the start up for success.  Success is measured in ways that have changed over the past 3 years for all of us. {~*~}?

How to meditate and visualise them is the essence of what I share and actively teach.

Nick Garrett



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